Hope for Widows Vulnerable Women and Children (BHWVC)
Lueur d’Espoir pour les Veuves, les Femmes Vulnérables et les Enfants  ASBL)

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February 2016
Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,
Warm greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus. We hope that you are doing well by the grace of our Lord.

We are sorry that for many months we have had only very patchy communication with you. Things have not been very well with Bagamba health wise so he has not been able to concentrate onwriting a good ministry up-date to you.

We are so grateful that after a worrisome surgery Bagamba is recovering steadily though he cannot ride his motorcycle yet. Unfortunately
this seriously impedes on his capacity to do his work. And the terrible state of roads here won’t help either. He gets pain even for a short ride so walking is the best option for him right now.
We are so grateful to the Lord and to you for your continued support to the ministry to the orphans and widows.

When Bagamba was sick, they were very worried. A teenager boy asked his teachers to help him walk 45 km to go to visit him but Bagamba reassured him that he was doing well; there was no need to walk that long way.

Thank you so much for the hope you give to these children by sharing what
the Lord has given you with them. This year again with your help we are sending 100 orphans to school.

2 A piece of land for the ministry
A couple of years ago we mentioned to you that we wished to have a piece of land away from the village centre where we can work with children away from distractions. This year the village elders offered Beacon of Hope an acre of land just half km from the village centre. It is a quiet place with a nice view on the Blue Mountains. By God’s grace a friend from the US and his siblings have offered Beacon of Hope some money to start the building of the multi-purpose hall we have been dreaming about. The hall will be big enough for 100 children. Their gift won’t finish the building of the hall but
we will at least have the four walls and a roof on the top.
Every Saturday orphans come to wait for Bagamba at the building site.
They wish to have the hall very soon so they offer their help. Some help to carry stones to masons; and others help purifybuilding materials such as sand. Stonesand sand are extracted by hand just a few kilometers from the building site so they are not that clean. Sand and gravel contains grass roots that should be removed before cement is added to the mixture. Regardless of how long it takes to finish the building, our dream is the
one day Bible camps will be held in a comfortable environment for children.

Prayer needs:

This year is supposed to be a general election year in the DRC so please pray for peaceful elections.

Also pray for a complete healing for Bagamba. In June Akiiki will be sitting for the state exam which she must pass in order to access university studies.

Please pray for wisdom for teachers as they help children to prepare. We will also appreciate prayers for orphans and widows who struggle to access the basics of life in a country.

May the Lord provide for them according to the richness of his grace.

May the Lord bless you all.
With love,
Bagamba and family.



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