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Lueur d’Espoir pour les Veuves, les Femmes Vulnérables et les Enfants (ASBL)

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Beacon of Hope update July 2015  

Another successful school year

This year again your generosity allowed Beacon of Hope to send 104 orphans to school. 100 of them attended primary education and 4 attended high school.

They all did very well with the exception of Asimwe who has undergone a relapse of trauma after the International Criminal Court declared not guilty the leader of the militia that destroyed his family.

In addition to Asimwe, 5 teenage girls also showed serious signs of trauma relapse due to the ICC verdict they deemed unfair. As results, many children are experiencing behaviour problems but by God’s grace we managed to keep them at school. We are glad that their conditions have improved tremendously.  In spite of hardship, 4 orphans came first of their classes.

Recently some children told me that they wish to meet those who help fund their education. The photo of Phil receiving money from Sally was a good substitute. I used the photo to explain to children that many God loving people are working hard to help them. It was difficult for them to understand how people over overseas raise fund but all of them had the same comments “these people have good hearts”; meaning these people are good. 

The joy we have to see children make progress is sometimes watered down by the sadness of not being able to help all who come to beg for our help. Often the choice between which child should have priority is so hard and painful to make. It is even hard when children who come to the end of their primary education come to tell us that they will not be able to attend secondary education.

 For the time being primary education is all we can offer. The few orphans we do keep at high school are those with serious trauma cases. The main reason is to help them improve their mental health and spiritual life.

Some of hardships orphan face  Violence at home 

Many orphans are looked after by distant relatives. Living with those who consider them to be a burden, children are often ill-treated. The photo on left shows violence Manyiki (a 14 year old girl was subjected by the sons of her step father. She was falsely accused of stealing money. She was beaten up all over her body, including her neck. Though the bullies later found the true culprit, they never apologised to her. When showing me her wounds, she received a threat from the young man who stole the money. He blamed her for blackmailing him.  I had to drive her home and show the young man that Manyiki had my support. Unfortunately we have to allow Manyiki to follow her mother where she lives though this means she will no longer be able to study. At least there she will be safe. Regrettably, she is going back to a muslim mother who has not been happy for Manyiki being a Christian. 

   Some don’t have enough to eat Very few orphans have the opportunity to go away for school holidays. When asked how this 10 year old was going to spend her school holidays, “I am going to try to produce some sweet potatoes for I have been very hungry lately” she replied. Are you strong enough to cultivate a field and produce sweet potatoes?” “Yes, I produced some this year but the field was too small” she replied. It is so sad that children as little as this girl suffer from hunger whereas there are plenty of food elsewhere. Please pray that God will provide for orphans.             

Our wishes for the coming school year For two years we have been experimenting “vulnerable child protection” program in a church run school. We helped the school master to train Christian children to protect the weak. The school master is a committed Christian and he is so happy with the results. Lord willing we wish to expand the program to one more school.

Also, in addition to care we are already offering, we would like to visit orphans more often at home. Our visits give them a bit more protection children have told us.

Gratitude and prayer points

We sincerely thank God for your generosity that continues to put smiles on the faces of suffering children. Our prayer is that God may bless you and keep you strong. 2016 is an electoral year in the DRC, please pray for peaceful elections in the country. It broke our hearts to see a number of children live with the people who are not nice to them. Please pray that in his time God may help us build a home for children who do not have close relatives to look after them.

Also pray that we may be able to offer more protection to vulnerable children.    

Serving together, 

Bagamba B. Araali                                                        


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