Beacon of Hope for Widows Vulnerable  Women and Children (BHWVC)  

Lueur d’Espoir pour les Veuves, les Femmes Vulnérables et les Enfants (ASBL)

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         Ministry News letter
1. Praise the Lord, Beacon of Hope now has its own facility

For many years we met children at school and teeming with kids all the time.  We particularly needed a venue where orphans and children with trauma could come and poor their hearts without the feeling of being watched. By God’s grace, last year, a missionary volunteer from the US caught the vision as he prayed with us for teenage girls with trauma.

When he went back home, he brought our plight to his family and mother was first to chip-in a contribution toward a building. Unfortunately, she went to be with the Lord just a few months later. Later on, the entire family
contributed and raised more fund in order to accomplish the building in her memory.

To honor her, the building has been named after her and is called,

'Gloria Jean Roddy Akiiki Center for orphans'.

The name “Akiiki” is local as most people in Wivenhoe know. Village elders added that name as a sign of her adoption to
the local community.

2. Training others to fight trauma in children

There is so much suffering in the Congo that most Christian NGOs have come to the realisation that trauma counseling
must become part of their work. Unfortunately they lack the capacity to help trauma or people trauma. Therefore, Beacon of Hope is often asked by churches and some NGOs to help. Two months ago we responded to the need of Samaritan’s
Purse Congo. They are running child protection project in an area with very high militia activity.  On the photo
below, trainees practice sympathetic listening which is key to trauma healing. The trainees were so happy to find an appropriate training that could help them respond appropriately to the needs of children affected by militia activities. Then
practices were done with real children with trauma. They still need more practices before they can go about it independently. 

3. Mixing fun with useful activities

Orphans often live with relatives who take them by social obligation and not necessarily by love. Therefore, personal
relationship between children and their caretakers tends to be poor sometimes. Orphans are often left to do most chores that other children refuse to do. As a result, orphans have very little time to play or socialize with other children.
For those children, the time they spend at the Beacon of Hope center is the only time of fun they have for the week. 

We therefore try our best to entertain and teach the Bible to children as frequently as we can. On the photo above,
children compete eating pineapple after reciting Bible verses. That way, they eat fruit which, study the Bible and entrain themselves at the same time. 

4. Priority activities and challenges

Since the first year of Beacon of Hope, our priorities have been (1), helping orphans attend school, (2), help children
with trauma. Since 2009, Wivenhoe Methodist Church, supported by Brightlingsea Parish Church, has funded Beacon of Hope in over 95% of our need. Each over 100 orphans attend school and we drive at least 60 km weekly to visit children with trauma, make orphans feel loved and teach them the Bible. Unfortunately, our income has dropped considerably due recently due to the weakening of Pound Sterling as well as stringent fund transfer rules within Wycliffe. Pound to US dollar exchange rate has dropped from 1.5 dollars for a pound to 1.1 dollars for a pound. As far as money transfer rules are concerned, Wycliffe receives exclusively fund destined to Bible translation. This year, about 900$ dollars sent by a friend and 1300$ sent by an American
church were returned to senders by Wycliffe America. As we rely on funds from Wivenhoe Methodist Church, supported by  Brightlingsea Parish Church, we cannot meet our obligation towards 104 attending school with our help. Funds from Wivenhoe now cover 70% of tuition fees so we are very concerned as to what future may hold.


5. Praise and prayer need

We are so grateful to the Lord for the dedication of all who work so hard to raise funds for the ministries of Beacon
of Hope. Also, we are praise the Lord for the impact our ministries have on children. Last month 5 teenagers who never went to Sunday school decided to join churches. In addition, our trauma counseling ministry brings smiles on
many faces each year.

Please pray for more funds.

Also pray that we may find out how we can receive funds from friends from America.


Serving together,


Bagamba B. Araali

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