Beacon of Hope Report  May 2018

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Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord

Greetings to all of you in the Holy name of our Lord Jesus.
We are sorry that we have not written for a while. The situation was so fluid
that our messages became old even before we could send them. Also, care of
orphans took so much physical and mental energy that we had no strength left to
write a good message. 

In late January an ethnic militia started burning down homes belonging to individuals 

from a neighbouring community. Within a few days, a core of homes had been burnt down, 

fields vandalised, and hundreds of people killed.  

The militia was very well structured, organized and equipped (and they still are) 

that they attacked several villages sometimes over 50 km simultaneously, 

thus making it nearly impossible for poorly equipped police force and the UN troops to save lives. 

Thousands of people left their villages to seek safety in town.

In March the attacks came so close to Bunia that the majority
of our friends moved their children and women to safety in Uganda. Every day we
wondered whether it was time to leave too but the plight of orphans broke our
hearts and we remained in the country. 

The day the UN troop commander went to the church in Bogoro 

to bid farewell for his battalion was requited to leave Congo, 

whoever in the village was able to leave the village left for Uganda.

Only widows, orphans and very poor people remained in the village for they
could not afford taxi fare. Orphans under our care begged us for help but we
had no means of moving them away so we assured them that we would lobby the UN
to keep troops in the village. Every day they sought to know if we were still
around. Sometimes they called several times a day just to make sure we were
still in Bunia. There was so much fear that no child could go to school or
mothers to the field to harvest food. 

The situation became desperate as the decision
to reduce the number of the UN troops in Congo was made at the UN headquarter

in New York and could not be revoked locally. By God’s grace, our plight
reached the highest UN authority in the country and troops were has gone
foraging. kept in Bogoro although momentarily. We truly thank God for his grace
in this matter.

 How is the situation now?

Although the number of killings has gone down, many dozens of children die daily due to
poor healthcare and malnourishment. Those who remained in villages cannot
access their fields for fear of being hacked to death. Unfortunately, the
political situation in the country is not very conducive for a lasting peace
either. Orphans and widows around Bogoro count on Beacon of Hope to continue to
lobby the UN to keep troops in place to offer some kind of safety. Thanks a lot
for your prayers and financial support that have enabled us to be of help to
orphans and widows during this very dangerous time. Two months ago, community
leaders met at Beacon of Hope Orphan Centre to discuss how they could keep
peace at least locally. As a result, a little bit of trust has been rebuilt.
Lord willing, we hold a Bible camp for children from 4 ethnic groups in July or
August. We are still at the very early planning stage, but we do pray that it
would happen. 


Brief family news

Our family is doing well. Maziga and Akiiki have successfully finished their first semester 

of studies in Uganda.  Maziga studies at Cavendish University.  She studies accounting and finance. 

Akiiki studies at Saint Augustin  International University. She is doing medical studies. 

She is so busy that she would hardly survive without Maziga who cooks and does housekeeping. 

Both of them enjoy their study programs. Maziga arrived home in Bunia on May 29th. 

Akiiki is going to Kisoro, in southern Uganda for a community service experience for a month. 

Amooti and  Tusiime are doing well. They are looking forward to the end of the school year

within a month time. We do pray that things be peaceful until the end of the year. 

Thanks again for your prayers and support. 


Praise and prayer

1.     We
praise God for protecting orphans and widows under our watch. Violence came as
close as 10 km but the Lord still kept things under control;

2.     Please
pray for a continued good communication between Beacon of Hope and the UN troop
commander. Their presence in the region is vital for the safety of widows and
orphans and all who cannot afford travel to Uganda;

3.     Also
pray that politicians would create a situation conducive for peace;

4.     Finally,
please pray that the Lord may speak to the leaders of the militia that is
causing havoc. May they realize how much pain they have caused to the fellow
human being and lay down weapons. 


Together at his service, Bagamba



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