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Banage, Bagamba & Family - January 2013


Message September 2012:-

Greetings from Bunia. Just to let you know that my colleague Douglas Boone and I are back home in Bunia after roaming through the jungle for 11 days.

Six church denominations had asked us to find out why there wasn’t much progress with the Bible translation among the Mangbetu ethnic group. This ethnic group spreads over a little more than 400km. We were able to meet with four main subgroups out of six.   By God’s grace we believe that we have collected information which can help churches to re-launch the Bible translation work.

Some people travelled 200km to come and meet us. This doesn’t sound much by the UK standard but in an area where forest has reclaimed dirt road which Mobutu left, ridding motorcycle over that distance takes a whole day with considerable suffering. 

Often we had to dig our vehicle out of forest clay. Thanks a lot for your prayers, we came face to face with Ebola, we saw how helpless people are and how little information they had. It looks like to me that luck of fruit in forest at this particular moment of the year is brining apes closer to human settlements and virus transfer is happening as a consequence of this mingling.

Please continue to pray for people living in the Isiro area, the epidemics has appeared over an area seriously big for anyone to know what is happening. Thanks a lot for your prayers.

The Bagamba Family News Letter - July 2012

1. Tusiime: From baby to toddler

When we specifically wrote about Tusiime last time she was a peaceful baby sleeping all the time in the arms of her mum.  She is now a sixteen months very active toddler moving around the house with an incredible speed. She opens kitchen cupboard, pulls things out and breaks what she can if no one stops her.  Maziga and Akiiki complain that they have no rest until she falls asleep. Everyone likes it when she is dancing though.  Sometimes Bagamba judges how nice the song the kids are practicing by how much Tusiime dances during the choir practice. If she doesn’t dance, then the song is boring and the girls have to find another one.  Most babies of her age are says a few words but Tusiime seems to be learning very slowly.  The only sentence she truly reacts to is “come back and stop”.  Of course we do say that to her hundreds of time a day.  She might be confused by so many languages spoken around her: English, Swahili and some French.  We do praise the Lord for she is a healthy and happy baby.


2. Akiiki, Maziga and Amooti


This trio has two main activities: the school and choir.  We are so grateful to the Lord that all of them did well at school.  Amooti came fifth of his class (with 86,8%) out of 61 pupils, Maziga was second of her class (with 73,6%) out of 62 children and Akiiki was fourth of her class (with 69,4%) out of 59 children.  Due to civil the war and various problems in the country very few new school have been built since 1990s and yet, the number of children continue to grow.  As a result, there are too many children per classrooms.  It is by God’s grace that children in Congo learn anything. God willing, in September Amooti will be going into the year 5, Maziga into the year 2 in secondary school and Akiiki into the year 3.  Akiiki has a big decision to make though.  In the DRC children have to make decision regarding what academic field they want to study from the year 3 of secondary school.  So far Akiiki still maintain that she would like to be a medical doctor.  This means she has to study biology and chemistry.  She seems not be very good in mathematics but she we don’t want to stop her from trying science studies.  We will have to hire private teaches for mathematics and chemistry teacher to help her find her feet.  If it does work she can change a year later.

On 13th July Banage and kids will travel across the Lake Albert to Kampala for holidays and mainly to see a doctor.  Amooti has some recurring problem with his eyes.  He has been taking medications for a number of months now but the problem keeps recurring.  We hope to find a qualified eye doctor to look into his problem.  Banage also has not been very healthy since she underwent C-section a year and half ago.  She needs to see gynecologist God willing.

3. Bagamba and the Ministry of Bible Translation

Bagamba and his American colleague Douglas Boone have been very busy doing linguistic and feasibility research aimed at helping churches to make informed decisions with regard to Bible translation.  Recently an Anglican diocese asked for their help for the revision of the Bible in the Hema language.  “This Bible is obsolete; it is no longer understood by younger generations.  Our song and prayer books were printed in Uganda long ago when we were part of Ugandan diocese.  These haven’t been available for many decades now and this hampers our evangelistic ministries”.    Bishop Bahemuka said. Bagamba and his colleague were given the job of advising SIL and all interested churches with regard to what dialect of the Hema language is better suited for Scripture production.  They have been touring villages where the Scripture the Hema language is needed.  The above photo shows Bagamba (leftmost) and his colleague (second from right) in front of an old brethren church with pastors from various church denominations in a small village of herdsmen.  The Anglican pastor is right in the middle of the photograph.  After several trips, Bagamba and his colleague are now analysing the data so that they can report their findings to churches.  Every year Bagamba has to allocate about 10% of his time to the training of Bible translators.  He currently very busy marking the essays for the course he just finished teaching.

4. Beacon of Hope and the Ministry to Orphans

This year again God has done great things through you.  By God’s grace 100 orphans were sent to school for the third consecutive year.  Although school fees went up this year God was faithful to his promises to orphans.  At some point we announced to you that we were going to erect a four meter concrete cross as a reminder of kids’ commitment to peace in the name of Jesus-Christ who sacrificed his life to bring peace between man and God and brotherhood among people from all origins.  Unfortunately, the project was halted by some people.  At the moment the stone stand of the cross is half built and we have received support from a good number of people who want the project to go on.  We continue to talk to community leaders and we hope that soon all of them will appreciate the values of peaceful living.  Whatever happens at the end, we have discovered the power of the cross.  We have seen it sparks fear in the minds of those who live in darkness.
Later this month Bagamba and people from another Christian NGO will be organising a week of peace education for 48 children from 4 different ethnic groups.  We hope that children will be allowed to attend.

On these photos kids handover to their headmaster the money we had given to them for their school fees. This way they can see how much money is paid for their education and take it seriously.

5.       Praises and Prayer Items

We are so grateful to God for his provision and a relative peace we have enjoyed amid all the troubles in  the eastern DRC.  We also thank God for your commitment towards our family and the ministry to orphans.  You have been God’s hand to these children for the third year in a row.  May God bless you all.

Security situation has not been very good in eastern DRC since the time we came back to back to Bunia in August 2007 but this time security threat seems to come nearer and nearer to our town. The kids we serve are not that far from the frontline.  Please pray God may bring resolution to the problem opposing Congolese government and various armed groups through talks that are going on.  Also pray that Banage the kids will travel safely across the Lake Albert to Kampala and that the Lord may lead them to doctors who can sort out their medical problems. That’s all from us now, may God bless you all.

Bagamba and family

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